Earn lots of money as a cammodel

Working as a webcamcouple

Why should we work as a webcamcouple

Working together as a couple in front of the webcam has several advantages. It not only brings more tension and eroticism into the relationship, it also brings in money. Lots of money! When you work together as a couple, there is no jealousy either. You see what your partner does, with whom your partner is talking.

More tension in your own relationship

Some couples start as a webcam couple to bring more tension to their relationship. To relight the fire and the eroticism. You can also go to a couples club. But that is not the same. Maybe you do not want to have sex with another man or woman. That is why working as a couple in front of the webcam is a safe alternative. You work from the comfort of your own home or self-chosen workplace.

What can we earn as a webcam couple

The earnings when working together as a couple in front of the webcam are much higher than a man who works alone. The top earners among the webcam models are women, but couples are not that far below. Depending on the webcam platform you can earn between 2000€ and 10000€ when you work full-time. Of course, you will earn slightly less in the first month. After all, you have to get used to working as a webcam couple. But after a while, you will notice that the monthly income goes up quickly.

Working on multiple webcamplatforms simultaneously

Another great advantage of working as a couple in front of the webcam is the convenience of working on multiple webcam platforms at the same time. With special split-cam software, you can simultaneously broadcast on different webcam platforms and thus increase your income. If you work alone as a woman or a man, then 2 to a maximum of 3 webcam platforms at the same time is the maximum. If there are more you lose the overview and you will unconsciously give some visitors too little attention. When visitors feel ignored they will leave your webcam. For a couple, it is easy to cam on 4 webcam platforms at the same time. After all, you only have to watch 2 webcam platforms each.

Where can I work as a webcamcouple

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