Earn lots of money as a cammodel

Working as a camboy

Why should I work as a camboy

Working as a male webcam model or camboy is a fun and exciting way to make a lot of money. Not only women are very popular with webcam visitors. Also, couples and men receive many visitors on their webcam. Do you like excitement and eroticism and want to make a lot of money. Then working as a man in front of the webcam is definitely something for you. Register as a camboy today and start earning lots of money fast.

How much do you earn working as a camboy

When working as a camboy you can make a lot of money with your webcam. Although the earnings are lower than with most camgirls and couples, they are certainly worth the effort. Everything depends on how much time you spend working as a camboy. If you work full-time as a camboy, you can still earn 2500€ to 4000€.

Which type of man can work as a camboy

Just like with camgirls, every type of man can work as a camboy. But just as with camgirls, certain types of men will get more visitors and earn more than other men. Handsome, muscular men with a toned body will have more visitors. You also have to be able to keep the visitors on your webcam. So the appearance alone is not decisive. You have to be able to entertain your visitors and hold their attention.

Which characteristics are ideal for a camboy

Certain characteristics are very popular with camboys. Maintaining a hard and firm erection for a long time is highly appreciated. Visitors to your webcam will also like to see you cum. So if you can cum several times, that is also a big plus. In terms of appearance, a muscular body is definitely a plus.

Can I also become a camboy on gay cams when I am straight

If you want to work as a camboy you have to take into account that over 90% of your visitors will be bi or gay men. The remaining 10% consists of couples and women. If you are straight and you do not have any problems with this, then you can certainly work as a straight man at gay cams and earn a lot of money.

What do I need as a camboy

Except for a laptop, internet, a webcam and a place to work, you do not need anything special. Unlike camgirls, you do not have to buy lingerie sets. What we do recommend is to buy some sex toys. A fake vagina, a dildo, etc. will certainly come in handy.

Sign up as a camboy

You can register as a camboy on the following webcamp platforms:
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Register with Livejasmin
Register with Bongacams
Register with Islive
Register with Xmodels


Earn lots of money as a camboy


You need a laptop or desktop pc to work as a camboy


A good webcam can be found for less than 50€