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Questions and answers about working as a cam model

Why choose a webcam provider via webcamperformerswanted.com

Because you want a reliable webcam platform. There are a lot of different webcam platforms present on the internet. However, not all webcam platforms are equally reliable. The 4 webcam platforms you find on this website are all very reliable, pay a high fee to the cam-model and pay punctually. We continuously monitor the 4 webcam platforms so that we can be sure that they work reliably and correctly at all times. The 4 webcam platforms on this website also allow you to exclude certain regions from your webcam. For example, if you live in Amsterdam and do not want anyone from that region to visit your cam, you can easily set this up on your user screen. Visitors from Amsterdam (or the region you choose) will not be able to find your webcam.

Will I get an employment contract as a cam model?

No, as a cam model you work on an independent basis or as an extra income. You will not receive an employment contract with the webcam platform and will not receive any wage slips. The webcam platforms give you a clear overview of your income every month that can be used for your administration.

Do I have to pay tax as a cam model

Yes, you have to pay taxes on the income that you earn as a cam model. The webcam platforms themselves do not report your income to the tax authorities, so you will have to declare them yourself.

Do I have to register as a self-employed person

No that is not necessary. You do it as extra income and also indicate this on your tax return. If you choose to work full-time as a model, then it is recommended to do this. You can deduct a large part of your expenses from your taxes. The amount of taxes you have to pay depends on your income. If you do it as extra income and you also have another job, the taxes will be lower. It is best to set aside at least 1 third of your income as a cam model.

How much should I work as a cam model

You decide that yourself. You choose whether you want to work as extra income or if you want to make your main job. You can also take a break for a few days or weeks whenever you want.

Am I sure that will be paid?

All the webcam platforms that we mention and discuss on this site are very reliable. They have all been active and internationally known for years. Make sure you do not violate the rules of the webcam platform. For this, you can be temporarily or permanently suspended. A warning is first given for this. To see how much a cam model can earn, click here.

What about my personal information

Your personal details will never be released to customers or third parties. The webcam platform does need it for the payment of your earnings. They also need to check whether you have the legal age to work as a cam model. Do not give your personal details to the customers on the chat.

How do I get the visitors on my webcam

When working as a cam model, you do not have to take care of the visitors on your webcam yourself. The webcam platform itself takes care of the visitors.

What are the costs of becoming a cam model

There are no costs for becoming a cam model. You do need a laptop or PC with a webcam and a stable and fast internet connection.

How are my earnings paid?

Your earnings will be paid in 1 of the different ways that the webcam platform offers. This can be done by bank transfer to your account, via deposit on a prepaid credit card, or even with crypto coins. It is mandatory to have this done on an account in your own name. You may not have your earnings credited to someone else’s account. With this, the webcam platforms want to prevent people from having to earn money forcibly.

Do I have to do everything the webcam visitor asks?

No not at all! You decide what you do and what you do not do. If the customer asks something you do not want, then you just do not do it. If the customer is intrusive, you can always block him on your webcam.

Should I switch on my sound?

That is not mandatory but recommended. Customers love to hear you. After all, a porn film without sound is not as fun as with sound. If you are too insecure at first to be heard while you are playing with yourself, you can of course first work without sound.
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