Work as internet model

Working as an internet model or working as a webcam model is basically the same thing. However when people hear the term webcam model they usually think its all about getting naked and giving erotic shows in front of your webcam. Of course these is one of the aspects, but being an internet model or a webcam model means so much more.

Offering a “girlfriend experience”

There is a big difference between men that visit webcam models and men that go to prostitutes. The first big difference is that 99% of men that go to a prostitute just want sex. Men that visit webcam models often just want a “girlfriend experience”. They want attention and some to talk (dirty) to. Of course, many of your visitors are going to want to see you naked and perform erotic actions on cam. But you will be suprised how many of your visitors just want to have a nice chat. A lot of these visitors haven’t got the social skills you need to talk to people, certainly when it comes to strange people. When they see a beautifull woman in a bar, they are afraid to start a conversation, they are afraid to be rejected. That’s why they visit webcam models. They know the will have to pay for your attention but they don’t risk being rejected.

Internet models have regular visitors

Internet models will get regular visitors after some time. When a visitors feels comfortable talking to you, there is a big chanche that they will come back to your webcam. This is very important. After all, it are these regular visitors that make you the most money. Because in many cases these visitors are the people who lack social skills. They almost never go out and will spend lots of money online. When they are online looking at a camgirl, they don’t feel so insecure. Therefore they wil spend lots of their time looking at webcams from their favourite internet model or webcam girl. If you make them feel good about theirself, they will come back for more an therefor make you lots of money. Because of this, you always have to look out for regular visitors. Give them enough attention. - Webcam Models Wanted!

Work as in internet model to make lots of money

When you work as an internet model, its easy to make lots of money. The adult industry is one of the most profitable industries. You are in control of how much you earn. After all, you are your own boss. You decice how much hours you work and when you work. More hours online is more money. You decide if you want to make a few hundred dollars extra or a few thousand dollars extra. Of course there are other types of homework and other ways to make money online. But how many of those types of homework can you make thousands of dollars extra per month? As an internet model or camgirl you can easily earn 4000 to 6000 dollars as a full-time model.

Choosing the right webcamplatform to work for

When you want to work as an internet model or a webcam model then you need to join a webcamplatform. There are lots of different webcamplatforms. All of them with different payout options, payout percentages, terms and conditions. All off them with different advantages or disadvantages. Choosing the right webcamplatform to join can be difficult. That’s why we’ve selected the 5 best webcamplatforms that you can join. - Webcam Models Wanted!

What webcamplatform should I choose

To work as internet model, you first need to register with a webcamplatform. Which webcamplatform you choose is up to you. You aren’t limited to 1 webcamplatform. You can also join multiple platforms, lots of internet models and camgirls work for more than 1 webcamplatform. It can be a bit difficult to choose the right webcamplatform. Therefor, to make it easier to choose the best webcam platform for you, we have made a brief overview below.

Earn Money with Live webcam sex!

Registration linkClick here to register
Average Pay-out (full time model 160 hours/month)
$7,500 - $10,000
Payout methodsCheck (USA), Paxum, ACH/Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer, SEPA, ePayService, WebMoney
Payout frequency2/month, Immediate payout withdrawel
Advantages / optionsNo chargebacks, Cam2cam, Geo-Blocking, Cam-Splitting, Fanclub, Mobile App, Vibratoy

work as internet model
WebcamplatformInternet Modeling
Registration linkClick here to register
Average Pay-out (full time model 160 hours/month)
$7,000 - $10,000
Payout methodsCheck (USA), Paxum, ACH/Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer
Payout frequencyWeekly payments
Advantages / optionsOver 10 million visitors a day, 70% net payout for webcam shows, videos and personal item sales, No fees, no chargebacks, no weekly payout minimums, Broadcast on Macs, PC's, tablets or smartphones
ExceptionsInternet Modeling does not accept models from: Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Romania, Colombia, Venezuela, Nigeria, Madagascar, Kenya, Ghana, Suriname, Indonesia, Thailand, Jamaica, Estonia, Lithuania, Albania, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Macedonia, Montenegro, Ecuador, Republic Of Georgia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and Lybia.

work as internet model
Registration linkClick here to register
Average Pay-out (full time model 160 hours/month)
$5,000 - $8,000
Payout methodsWire transfer, Epayments, Paxum
Payout frequency2/month (Wire transfer), Daily payments via Epayments and Paxum
Advantages / optionsUp to 75% payout percentage, no chargebacks, websites available in more than 15 major languages, #1 live cam platform in Europe, Block countries, hide your country for visitors, block visitors within a certain radius around your address

work as internet model
Registration linkClick here to register
Average Pay-out (full time model 160 hours/month)
$4,5000 - $8,000
Payout methodsWire transfer, Epayments, Paxum, ePayService, WebMoney, Cryptocurrency, Check (USA only), Direct Deposit (USA only)
Payout frequencyWeekly, On-request payouts
Advantages / optionsPayout on request available, Available in 34 languages, Cam site of the year 2019, Mobile app, weekly contest, no chargebacks, DMCA protection

work as internet model
Registration linkClick here to register

RegionThe Netherlands, Belgium, France
Average Pay-out (full time model 160 hours/month)
$2,000 - $4,000
Payout methodsWire transfer
Payout frequency3/month (The Netherlands and Belgium)
2/month (all other countries)
Advantages / optionsEarn money as a camgirl, with phonecalls and messages, Earn money from the first second you get a visitor (no freechat), Male models are accepted