Earn lots of money as a cammodel

Register with Jasmin step-by-step

With our clear step-by-step plan, it is very easy to quickly register as a webcam performer at Jasmin.

Start by clicking on this link: register with Jasmin. You will then be taken to the registration screen. Enter your email address and password of your choice here. Place a checkmark at “I accept the service agreement” and click on create account. You will then enter the 2nd screen. On this screen, you choose the category in which you want to register as a webcam performer.

You can register in 4 different categories.

  1. Celebrity Category (here you are not allowed to offer naked or erotic content. This category is for ladies only)
  2. Hot Flirt Category (here you decide whether you want to offer erotic content. This category is also for ladies only)
  3. Nude Category (you must provide naked or erotic shows if a paying visitor asks for this)
  4. Amateur Category (same as nude category but with lower technical requirements)

If you absolutely never want to go naked or give erotic shows, choose the Celebrity Category. If you don’t want to go naked right away but still want to keep the option, choose the Hot Flirt Category. If you want to go naked and give erotic shows, choose the Amateur Category. If you already have experience as a webcam performer then you can choose the Nude Category.

Subdivisions in the Celebrity Category

In the Celebrity category, there are different subdivisions. If you don’t find a category that suits you and you don’t want to go naked or give erotic shows, you can choose the Hot Flirt category. Here you can decide for yourself whether you want to go naked or not.
The subdivisions are:

  • Soul mates. In this category, you are supposed to have a good conversation with your visitors. Nude is not allowed and your outfit must be elegant and stylish.
  • Dancer. Choose this category if you want to dance or give dance lessons to your visitors. Sexy dancing and pole dancing are allowed as long as there is no nude.
  • Fashion
  • Love Advisors. In this category, you give emotional support to your visitors. It is intended that you give advice and love advice to your webcam visitors. Nude is not allowed here either.
  • Fitness. Give your visitors fitness tips and advice. Show them your fitness equipment and teach them how to perform exercises.
  • Cosplay

Entering your personal information

After you have chosen the category in which you want to work, it is time to enter your personal information. The data in the first screen such as your real name will never be made known. These are only meant for Jasmin himself. Enter this information correctly. A copy of your ID card or driver’s license will then be requested to verify your identity. If the information you enter here does not match, your application will be refused or you may have problems later on getting your income paid out. When everything is filled in correctly, click on next to go to the next screen.

Entering your external characteristics

In this screen, you enter your external characteristics. This data is used in the search function of the webcams. Also, make sure that they are correct. Suppose you enter “slim” when building while you are full or vice versa, this will hurt your income. After all, your visitors are looking for the type that excites them the most. So make sure that you have completed this truthfully. Then click back on next.


Submit proof of your identity

Finally, as a last step to register as a webcam performer, you must also provide an identity document. You can choose your ID card or driver’s license. You must also enter your identity card number and the expiration date. This information is for internal use only with Jasmin and is used to verify your identity. You will also be asked to upload the chosen document so make sure that the data you enter is correct. Then click on next.
When everything is filled in correctly and the identity document has been sent, Jasmin will check your registration. If everything is in order, it will be approved and you can start working as a webcam performer. This usually takes a few days and you will be notified by email.

Other webcamplatforms

No matter which webcam platform you want to register as a webcam performer, the steps explained above will be similar. You will always have to send proof of your identity. This document is used to make sure that the data you provided with your registration is true and that you are at least 18 years old.