Earn lots of money as a cammodel

BongaCams (Bonga Models)

In addition to Jasmin, BongaCams is one of the largest webcam platforms in the world. Therefore working as a cam model at BongaCams offers many advantages. For example, BongaCams is available in no less than 34 languages. This guarantees a very large number of visitors worldwide. Just like Jasmin, Bongacams has already won several awards.

Why register with BongaCams?

BongaCams is a very large webcam provider and therefore offers many advantages to its cam models. For example, there is the “no chargebacks” principle. A chargeback is a payment by credit card by one of the webcam visitors that is disputed afterwards. This can happen when, for example, a stolen credit card is used. When the real owner passes the card as stolen, the amount that was paid to the webcam platform is refunded to the victim. With some webcam platforms, this is deducted from the earnings of the webcam model to which the money was spent. However, this is not good for the webcam model as she has also worked for this money. At BongaCams you do not have any chargebacks. BongaCams takes the possible chargebacks entirely for its own account.
There are also numerous payout options, weekly payments, and regular competitions to obtain even more income. On-demand pay-outs are also available.

Earn lots of money

High income

As a webcam model at BongaCams, you earn a lot of money. You earn money in 4 ways. In Free Chat through the tips, you get from webcam visitors, in Private Chat where a visitor pays 30 tokens per minute, or through Full Private Chat where a user pays 45 tokens per minute. The difference between Private Chat and Full Private Chat is that no one else can watch the latter. With an ordinary Private Chat, other visitors can watch but not chat with Tokens (7 / minute). There is still the 4th option and that is Group Chat. Here it costs the visitor 15 tokens per minute, but the show only starts when the number of visitors is reached that you have set yourself. For example, you can choose to start with 20 visitors. You earn 15 tokens x 20 per minute! Because of the lower price per visitor you get a larger number of visitors, therefore you get a higher payout per minute.

Earn lots of money

Weekly payouts

A big advantage of BongaCams is the weekly payouts. The cam models are paid out every Friday. The minimum amount is $50. If you have not achieved this yet, this will remain in your account until you are over $50. New are on-request payouts. This allows you to request a payout that you receive within 30 minutes at any time. To use an On-request payout you must have had a minimum of $ 200 in regular payouts in the last 6 months.
Earn lots of money

Hot mode

Hot Mode is a unique feature of BongaCams. Hot Mode is automatically activated after you have been online for a certain amount of time. When Hot Mode is activated, your earnings increase by 10% for the remaining time of the current period. Your camscore is also multiplied by 1.25. The higher your camscore the higher you are ranked between the webcams and the more visitors you will get.

Earn lots of money

Different payout options

At BongaCams you can choose from a large number of different payment options. For example, you can opt for a payout in Cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. But also for wire transfer, Paxum, ePayments, Epay service, and WebMoney. When you live in the US you can also opt for check and Direct Deposit.
Earn lots of money

Area Blocking

At BongaCams it is also possible to block certain regions or countries. If you want to prevent visitors from your own country or the countries around you from visiting your webcam or seeing your profile, you can easily set this up in your control panel.