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Tips for cam models

Taking your first steps as a cam model is not always easy. Whether you start working as a camgirl, camboy, or webcam couple. The first time is always a bit uncomfortable. Maybe it will take several months before you can give yourself completely during the work as a cam model. But it can also go so smoothly that after barely a week it seems that you have never done anything else. Anyway, some tips for starters (and advanced) cam models certainly do not hurt. You do not have to follow our tips, without these tips you will also make a lot of money. But with our tips probably a lot more!

Best time to work

The best time for working as a camgirl does not actually exist. The webcam visitors are international and come from all time zones. There are therefore day and night visitors on the webcam platforms. So you choose yourself when it suits you best. What we can give you as a tip is to try to cam regularly at the same times. This is especially important once you get regular visitors to your webcam. The regular visitors can give you a lot of money and also give a lot of big and more tips. If you work at different times on your webcam but you know in advance when that will be, then you can also mention the hours on your cam profile.

Working anonymous as a cammodel

It is perfectly possible to cam anonymously. The webcam platform needs your data. They must be able to pay your earnings and check whether you are old enough to work as a camgirl. But nothing prevents you from appearing anonymously. You can read all about it on our page about working anonymously as a camgirl.

Working simultaneous on multiple webcamplatforms

If you want to, you can safely work with multiple webcam platforms as a cam model. You can also do this simultaneously with special splitcamsoftware. However, you should start with 1 webcam platform at the same time. When you have mastered it, you can easily add a 2nd and possibly 3rd webcam platform. Make sure you give all your webcam visitors enough attention. If you work on multiple platforms at the same time, it can sometimes be difficult to keep an overview and give all of your visitors enough attention.

Your workplace as a camgirl

You completely adjust your workplace to your own taste. You can also simply work from your own bedroom, living room, or office. Make sure you have everything at hand that you may need when working. When you have to get out of the picture regularly to get things, it is very annoying for your webcam visitors. Try to avoid this as much as possible. Do you have to go to the toilet in between then maybe you could put a sign with “back” or “back in a few moments”? If you have to leave for a longer time, log out first.
The following things you need to have close to you:

  • towels
  • lubricant
  • your sex toys
  • something to drink
  • some biscuits or some fruit to eat in between
  • handkerchiefs
  • smoking products (cigarettes, lighter, ashtray)

Make sure that you feel comfortable in your workplace.

Making calls while working

Always try to avoid this. Unfortunately, it happens too often that a cam model answers a telephone call while she is busy camming. This has 2 major disadvantages. First of all, for your webcam visitors, it’s shown as a lack of respect towards them. Do not forget that they pay you for your time. That’s the same if your boss is in conversation with you and you tell him to wait because your boyfriend is calling you. The visitors of your webcam will feel that you are not interested in them and therefore leave your webcam. No visitors are also no income! And as a second reason, personal things are often told during the telephone conversation and your webcam visitors can just follow that conversation. If you get an important call, please log out or put your webcam on hold. But if possible, try to avoid this.

Create a Snapchat and a Twitter account for your work as a cammodel

When working as a camgirl you get paid by your visitors. So it’s very important to have lots of visitors to your webcam. Using a Twitter and Snapchat account can help you with that. You can use it to tell people when you’re going to be online, to connect with members, and to make friends with other camgirls! Follow these tips for cam models and you will earn even more money.

tips for cam models

Camgirls can work 24/7

work anonymously as a camgirl

You can work anonymously as a camgirl

workplace of a camgirl

A bed or sofa is all you need in your workplace

social media for camgirls

Using social media as a camgirl is a great way to earn extra money