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What is splitcamsoftware

Splitcamsoftware is software that makes it possible to broadcast your webcam on multiple webcam platforms at the same time. Without that software, you can only work on one webcam platform at the same time. With splitcamsoftware, you can work smoothly on multiple webcam platforms at the same time. Splitcamsoftware transfers the video feed from your webcam to the various webcam platforms.

Earn more with splitcamsoftware

Because you can work with split-cam software on multiple webcam platforms at the same time, you can also earn more. If you work on 2 webcam platforms at the same time, you can double the earnings. If you work on 3 platforms at the same time, your income can multiply by 3.

What should I pay attention to

If you want to work with splitcamsoftware, you have to consider a few things.

A fast and stable internet connection

If you work on one webcam platform at the same time, a fast and stable internet connection is a necessity. If you work with split-cams software then this is DEFINITELY necessary. Try to avoid using Wi-Fi and use a cable for the internet connection. Wifi is easy but can sometimes get disconnected and that is very disturbing for the webcam visitor and will eventually also costs you, visitors. Also, choose an internet connection with unlimited internet. It would be a shame if you suddenly can not work for the webcam after half a month because your limit has been reached. It is also advised to take an extra internet connection that you only use for work as a camgirl. Especially when you have roommates who occasionally use Netflix and regularly download large files. This has an impact on the speed and stability of the connection.

A decent laptop or desktop

When working on multiple webcam platforms, it’s not just your internet connection that has to be better. Your laptop or desktop PC must also have enough memory and speed to work without problems. When working on 1 platform at the same time you can probably still use a laptop with at least 4 GB RAM and Windows 7. If you want to work on multiple webcam platforms at the same time go for a minimum of 8 GB RAM and Windows 8 or 10. If you do not have a laptop or desktop that is suitable for working as a cam model, then invest in a bit more expensive model that you can use for a while. At the beginning of 2020, the support of Windows 7 will be stopped. Buying a second-hand model with Windows 7 is therefore certainly not recommended. For 600€ you already have a new laptop that is sufficiently heavy to work with splitcamsoftware and which you can use for years.

Working with split cams software requires some experience

Working with such software requires some experience. The use of the software itself is simple. The difficulty is to give all your webcam visitors equal attention. When working on 1 webcam platform at the same time, this is not that difficult. But with suddenly double or triple the number of visitors, this is no longer so simple. Working with splitcamsoftware gives you more visitors but you also need to keep them on your webcam. If you give too little attention to a part of your visitors, they lose interest and they will leave your webcam quickly. We, therefore, recommend that you do not immediately work with such software if you are just starting as a camgirl. First work for 1 or more months on 1 webcam platform at the same time. Then add a 2nd and possibly 3rd. More than 3 webcam platforms are not recommended. If you work as a webcam couple, then 4 webcam platforms are certainly no problem.

This software makes it possible to work on multiple webcamplatforms at the same time



You need a fast internet connection to work as a camgirl