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Working as a camgirl or webcam model

Camgirls wanted, earn lots of money

Webcam modeling is one of the most popular and profitable jobs that you can find in today’s adult entertainment industry. There are many different webcam sites but the basics are the same. You provide a fantasy role play and “girlfriend experiences” to paying customers from all around the world. You will never have to meet or touch a customer when working as a camgirl or webcam model. It is strictly online adult entertainment.
Being a webcam girl or webcam model is a nice and exciting job that makes you lots of money. If you want to earn lots of money fast, then a job as a cam model is the right job for you. We will show you how you can earn up to $10,000 and more each month. No investments, no costs, no obligations, and no risks! It’s an easy way to earn lots of money from home. If you aren’t happy with how much you earn now, then it’s time to do something about it. If you are willing to work for it, we guarantee you lots of money!

Earn money from home

Do you want to earn a lot of money, work from the comfort of your home, and have your freedom and the chance to be your own boss? Do you want to be able to make any wish of yours come true? Then working as a webcam model on an erotic live chat might be the job for you. Be your own boss from now on. Work from home and earn lots of money. Sign up now and start earning money in less than 24 hours. Working as a webcam model is one of the top online jobs you can find.

What is camming or working as a webcamperformer or camgirl all about?

Let’s start by explaining what camming or webcamming actually is. Webcamming is using your webcam to broadcast yourself on cam sites in exchange for credits or tokens. These credits or tokens have a certain value in money. Camming can be done by women, men, couples, shemales, etc. Camming or working as a webcam model is done for a couple of reasons. The most common reason is money. It’s a job that can make you over $10,000 each month easily. Another reason is the excitement and the attention you get when working as a webcam model.

Make lots of money fast working as a camgirl

How to make lots of money, earning lots of money and how to make money online. These 3 search terms are often searched in Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. We all want to earn lots of money fast. And by working as a camgirl or as a webcam model you can earn money fast. But you will not only earn money fast, but you will also earn lots of money! Maybe you have already thought about working as a camgirl but you don’t know how to get started. Then you are also in the right place. On webcamperformerswanted.com we give you tips about working as a camgirl, information for couples and camboys, information on furnishing your workspace, etc. If you want to work from home and want to earn a lot of money fast, then read on. Working as a webcam model is an easy way to earn lots of money fast.

Earn money online

Earning money online has some great advantages. First of all. You can earn money online while working from home so you don’t even have to go to work each day. You just open your laptop and you’re ready to go. Because of this, you don’t waste time driving to work or getting stuck in traffic jams. It saves you a lot of time every day. Time you can use for more important things. Another great advantage is that you decide when you work. You work whenever you want to. No boss, just you who decides. Work a lot of hours, or work only a few hours per week. It’s your choice. We offer the best jobs for cam models.

Earning lots of money in your daytime job

The chances of getting rich or earning thousands of dollars in your daytime job are close to zero. Unless you are a lawyer, surgeon, a CEO of a large company, the chances of earning lots of money are very low. Just the fact that you are reading this now, means that you are looking for a way to earn more money. They say that money doesn’t bring you happiness, but that is just plain bullshit! Being broke every month, not being able to pay your utility bills, not being able to have a nice meal, or going out now and then. Does that make you happy? No, it doesn’t! If you are willing to work for it, then it’s absolutely possible to earn thousands of dollars every month!

Why should I work as a camgirl or webcamperformer?

Because working as a camgirl is an exciting and fun way to earn an extra income. You can even do it as a full-time job. You can work from home as a camgirl and it’s a great way to make lots of money online. There are many benefits associated with working as a camgirl or webcam model. The income is much higher than with a normal day job. You choose the working schedule and the number of hours you work yourself. And you are your own boss. You can have a daytime job and work as a camgirl at night or make it a full-time job. Make money from home as a cam model or webcam performer whenever you want to.

What can I earn as a camgirl

Let’s be serious, money is important. And with a job as a camgirl you earn money. Lots of money! By working as a camgirl you can earn a lot of money in a short time. And best of all, you make money from home. Exactly how much you earn depends on several factors. Do you work part-time or full-time? Do you work on a European webcam platform or a larger worldwide webcam platform like Jasmin? Or do you work on multiple webcam platforms at the same time? These are all factors that influence your income. If you work for Jasmin, you can easily earn over $10,000 each month. So why haven’t you registered yet? Don’t waste any more time. Sign up today and start making lots of money.

Average earnings of a camgirl

Camgirls earn an average of $45 – $90 per hour. There will also be times that you will earn more than $150 per hour. If you take the average amount that a camgirl earns and you only work 50 hours per month, you already earn an average of $3,500. Not bad for only 50 hours of work a month! Keep in mind that in the first weeks you will probably earn a little less than the average. After all, you have just begun working as a camgirl and are not used to working with the webcam platform. You have to get used to the webcam platform and dealing with the visitors on your cam. But after a few weeks, you will see that your income starts to build up fast. Sign up as a webcam performer today and start earning lots of money fast.

Top income of a camgirl

As we mentioned before, it all depends on how much time you spend working as a camgirl or webcamperformer and with which webcamplatform you work. The top 3 cammodels with our best performing webcamplatform Jasmin have earned:
$1 698 600
$1 661 483
$1 633 854
And that’s not even the best part. They have earned that amount in just 2 weeks! Of course, not every camgirl or webcam model will earn that much money. But just think about it. Even if they should work as much as 10 hours a day, each day of the month, then they still have an hourly wage of more than $5,000. Now tell me, how many jobs do you know that pay that much money! If you want to register with Jasmin, just click here!

Working as a cam model with a European or worldwide webcamplatform

Let’s start by working as a camgirl on a European webcam platform. When you work as a camgirl with Islive you earn between the $850 and $1,400 per month, if you work about 3 hours a day. If you work full-time as a camgirl, you can earn around $2,500 to $4,500 per month. In the first few months, it will probably be a little less, after all, you have to get used to working as a camgirl. Your income with European webcam platforms is usually less because they don’t have as many visitors as the leading worldwide webcam providers. If you work as a camgirl on a worldwide webcam platform, then your income is a lot higher. Camgirls who earn more than $10,000 each month are no exception. These webcam platforms are a lot more known and are being promoted more. This also gives you a lot more visitors to your webcam. More visitors also means more income. Worldwide webcam platforms also work with a system of tips. This provides a great source of extra income for the camgirl.

Work with multiple webcamplatforms at the same time

You can also work on multiple webcam platforms at the same time. With specially designed split-cam software it’s possible to cam simultaneously on 2 or more webcam platforms. We do not recommend this if you are only just starting as a cam model. First work on one webcam platform at a time for a few months. Make sure you can work with it smoothly and get used to working as a camgirl. Then start with 2 webcam platforms and possibly 3 or 4. You can already register with multiple webcam platforms and start working on the different webcam platforms. If you want to know more about working with splitcamsoftware, click here.


We provide an overview of the 4 best webcam platforms on our website. Because of this, you will be able to work for the webcam platforms with the highest payout ratio. They all have a large payout percentage for the cam model, different payment options, and are the best among the webcam platforms. Just click on the link of the webcam platform in the section “where can I sign up as a camgirl” or view the webcam platform page on this site. You can also click the banners on the right side of the screen. The banners are ranked from the highest paying webcam providers to the least paying webcam provider. But even with the least paying webcam provider, you can still earn up to $3000 and more each month.

Working as a camcouple

Working as a cam couple is a fun way to earn money together and bring more tension and eroticism into the relationship. A lot of webcam couples say that it brings them closer to each other as a couple. It’s also very exciting to have sex as a couple when you know that people are watching. Read more about it here. Isn’t it great that you can have sex with your own boyfriend or girlfriend and get paid for it?

Working as a man in front of the webcam

Working as a man in front of the webcam or as a camboy is a fun way to make money. You don’t have to be gay or bisexual to work as a camboy. Lots of camboys are straight. Even if they work for gay cams. If you work as a camboy, you can make thousands of dollars each month. Read more about it here.

Tips for webcam models

When you start working as a camgirl, camboy, or webcam couple, all help and information are welcome. We compiled a list with the most important tips for webcam models. Read more about it here. Don’t forget to read our page about using social media as a webcam model. Using social media will increase your income as a webcam model.

Where can I sign up as a camgirl

Just click the links below to register with the webcamplatforms
Register with Livejasmin (top webcamplatform in the world)
Register with Bongacams
Register with Islive (Dutch webcamplatform)
Register with Xmodels
Working as a camgirl is a fun way to earn a lot of money quickly

Making money fast by working from home

One of the biggest advantages of working as a camgirl, camboy or couple is that you earn lots of money working from home. It’s one of the easiest ways to make a lot of money fast online. Register today and start earning lots of money! in just a few weeks you will already receive your first payout.

Why you should signup trough our site

We are looking for women, men, and couples to become cam models on the world’s biggest erotic cam sites. You can live anywhere in the world and make a lot of money right from your home, all you need is a computer, webcam and internet connection. You will be broadcasted on over 200 different adult webcam modeling sites simultaneously. With our excellent customer service and friendly Live support system, we will be assisting you each step of the way to ensure that you earn the most money possible. Payment goes up to $2 per minute PER VIEWER. That’s why our webcam platforms are the best paying platforms in the industry.

Tips for webcamperfomers

Getting a job as a cam model isn’t difficult. However, getting a job as a cam model with the right webcam platform is. Because there are so many webcam platforms and providers, signing up with the best ones isn’t that easy. That’s why we offer only the best webcam platforms in the adult industry.
We offer our webcam models helpful tips, promotional opportunities, and excellent pay. Internet modeling is a great way to break into the adult industry, webcam modeling is SAFE and SECURE. Webcam models can even block cities or states to protect their identities.

If you want to make even more money as a camgirl then you should have a look at our page about social media. The advantages of using social media for your work as a camgirl are unmistakable. Using social media as a camgirl is an easy way to get more visitors to your webcam. After all, more visitors mean more paying visitors. More paying visitors mean more income for you. If you look at the top camgirls, they all use social media to get more visitors.

Being naked or giving erotic shows is not necessary

With us you also have the opportunity to get started as a camgirl without having to go naked or give erotic shows. You will earn slightly less than if you do go naked. It is also only possible with 1 webcam provider. To register for this, click here. When selecting the category you want to work in, choose the Celebrity category or the Hot Flirt category. In the first one, nudity is not allowed. In the Hot Flirt category, it is your decision when and if you go naked.

No experience required

You do not need prior experience as a webcam model to work with us, and in many cases having no prior experience is actually a plus. Every person can be a webcam performer, you just have to keep an open mind and be willing to earn lots of money fast. You can take a leave of absence or terminate your employment permanently at any time. All money that you earned while working will be paid to you as agreed. Working as an adult webcam model isn’t for everybody. You need an open mind, be self-motivated, enjoy the attention, and love flirting. It’s also important that you like to talk to people. Working as a webcam model is mostly playing a part, a character that you create.

Benefits for all models:

– High-quality traffic on the largest webcam networks in the world with plenty of paying customers. This is one of the reasons our models make the most money.
– Get started in as little as 2 days, compared to other sites that could take a minimum of 2 weeks.
– Payments are made 3 times per month up to daily payments and on request payouts
– Our platforms pay 20% more than the other competing sites!
– Models choose their own charging rate
– We never charge our models any fees, either upfront or ongoing.
– Advanced HD streaming technology with the best video and audio quality available.
– Absolutely no chargebacks or deductions.
– Models can block visitors by Country, City, and State, and set up to 4 blocked areas.
– Tips and gifts for models sent by clients
– We will not turn away a model based on looks, or based on how much you go online.
– If other webcam models register through your link you will also get a percentage of what they earn.


Earn Money with Live webcam sex!




Why should you work as a webcamperformer

  • You are your own boss
  • You earn lots of money
  • Its a fun way to earn money fast
  • You work fulltime, part-time or as an extra income
  • Payouts several times a month
  • You can work from the comfort of your own home
  • Easy to combine with another job and your family life
  • Earn up to $10,000 and more every month
  • You don’t have to invest money

Top income last period


A payment period with Jasmin is only 2 weeks. So these amounts are what the topmodels with Jasmin earned in 2 weeks!


  • PinkPanterka => $13 146
  • Mashulya29 => $12 924
  • VeronicaVain => $12 823

Top 3 for Bongacams in the last period.


  • 1st => €8 174 ($9 181)
  • 2nd => €6 051 ($6 796)
  • 3rd => €5 979 ($6 715)

Top 3 for Islive in the last period.


To receive your income as a webcam performer, you will have to give your payment details to the webcam provider. If you prefer not to receive the money directly into your bank account then you can choose Paxum. Paxum is an online account. If you choose Paxum as your payment option then you will receive your income in your Paxum account. With Paxum you have several options to receive your money. You can let Paxum transfer the money to your bank account, transfer it to your credit card or you can choose a credit card issued by Paxum to receive your money. If you work for multiple webcam providers then it’s very easy to use Paxum. You receive the money from all the webcam providers into your Paxum account and you can transfer it to your credit card or bank account. You can also use it to make payments to other Paxum users. Another great advantage is that you don’t have to give your bank account details to the webcam providers. They just need the e-mailadres you used to register with Paxum to transfer the money to you. You can open your free Paxum account here.

Extra income, part-time job or full time job

One of the reasons why working as a webcam model is so popular is that you decide for yourself how much time you work. You can do it as an extra income, part-time job, or even as a full-time job. You have no obligations whatsoever, therefore you choose when you work and how much you work. If you want to earn a lot of money, then working as a camgirl is the job for you. Working as a camgirl lets you earn a lot of money in a short time.


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Willing to make lots of money
Computer or laptop with a high-speed internet connection and a webcam
Fun personality
Enjoy being in front of the camera
No age or appearance requirements